“Old cheese” is not old at all!

(From LM 01.10.10) (Republished 20.03.24) Visiting Norway, you may have seen it, or heard of it – this GAMALOST (“Old cheese”). But did you know it really isn’t old at all? However – it’s roots goes way back – to the Norwegian Vikings! Currently only one diary – in Vik, Sogn, Western Norway (and in the world) – produce this most unike cheese in the traditional way.

IT’S MADE FROM fat-reduced cow milk and contains an unike and healthy mould/mycel-stuff – as found in many blue cheese products, world-known English Stilton, for instance.

Gamalost is very dry and with a kind of granulated consistence. The tast is a bit hard to describe, but let me try: Long and strong, distinct – sometimes sweetish – flavour. On the most heavy (after long storage) it reminds slightly of ammonia-like candies.

The taste and flavour varies a bit from how long it has been storaged since it left the diary. But don’t be afraid, try! It never knocks you to the floor even if you dislike it! And get this: Only 1 % fat! 50 % proteine.

Use a sharp knife for medium slices to have on thin bread slices, for instance. Some butter on top of it mildens and – for some – brings the flavour to the peak.

Vary with a slash of Creme Fresh or diary products like that – and why not put a few red berrys on top. A clice together with cognac is said to be heavenly!

Good luck and have a nice experience with some of the most Norwegian there is!

PRICE: A bit above medium high, in Norway.

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